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Unlock the door to new possibilities through integrating the power of winning strategy, talent development, excellent customer service and carefully selected, value-driven technologies.

Partner with us to make it happen.

Operating a business can be extremely difficult and nothing is more challenging for an owner or senior executive than trying to stay ahead of the game when you’re kept so busy just running the day-to-day of your company. 


To help kickstart that growth, you need experienced, intuitive, reliable support so you can maintain the current performance of your team but also get that constant supply of fresh ideas and strategies that will evolve your business faster. And then with our help implementing, the strategies we develop together can actually get accomplished. 

Let Us Help You

Business Evolution is a concept that spans every industry and vertical, but nowhere is it more challenging to navigate than in Small to Mid-sized Businesses ‘SMB’. For a business to adapt successfully to the ever challenging world, they need a methodical and proven approach that provides both the necessary: 



​The result of trying to grow through a happenstance strategic approach or adoption of ‘flavour of the day’ technology often leads to frustration and a waste of time and money. To effectively evolve your business it requires your people's buy-in to make the necessary changes in operations while you continue function as you have been. For companies to truly position themselves for ongoing, long-term growth and success, they must have and follow a tangible plan that informs a systematic implementation approach with clear and attainable goals. This, combined with ongoing support for staff who generally feel their time and resources are already overextended, is the key to success.

With expertise in both of these core competencies, we know through experience that the greatest difference-maker during business evolution is creating effective leadership resulting in strategic buy-in; that is why we lead change management during the transition from the old way of doing things to the new. Then by ensuring you are implementing the right tools at the right pace, the objective is to create the biggest ‘bang for the buck’ relative to the overall strategy.

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Our Servuces
Define, Shape and Build Your Culture
  • Digital Capabilities

  • Digital Culture

  • Digital Organization

  • Work Environment

  • Change Management

  • Full Transformation

Modernize and Streamline Your Core Technologies
  • Application Management

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Cybersecurity

  • Infrastructure & Cloud

  • IT Out-Sourcing

  • Service Providers

Innovate Your Customer Experiences
  • End-to-End Redesign

  • Digital Journey

  • Experience Design

  • New Revenue Models

  • Using Dashboards

  • The Right Digital Stack

Supercharge Your Marketing & Sales
  • Digital Marketing

  • Scaling Lead Generation

  • Social Engagement

  • Customer Intelligence

  • Digital Channel 

  • Dynamic eCommerce 

Create Your Cutting-Edge Strategies
  • Digital Strategy

  • Disruption Factors

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Data & Analytics

  • Internet of Things

  • Automation

Optimize and Economize Your Operations
  • Corporate Functionality

  • Resource Planning

  • Personalized Solutions

  • IT Project Optimization

  • Lean IT

  • Cost Efficiency


ES has a refreshing holistic approach, an ability to envision wide-ranging possibilities for the future of an organization and the tenacity to make them happen. I've never encountered that particular mix of talents in one organization before in quite that way, and it's what makes them one-of-a-kind innovators.

Brian Fraser

Principal, Celerity Engineering Ltd.


Ready to find out more?

Take our FREE Business Evolution Assessment

which measures areas of strength and potential development with respect to your business. This will show you measurement criteria such as;

  • Nonexistent (We don’t do this at all);

  • Ad-hoc (we do this occasionally, but it’s not well defined); 

  • Defined (Some business units do this in a well-defined way);

  • Repeatable (We do this consistently in all business units);

  • Optimized (We optimize this through measurement across the business). 

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