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Bridging the Gap

Our focus is to help develop the strategy and roadmap for your unavoidable Business Evolution, and then to oversee the implementation - or transformation - that businesses have to make, faster, easier and significantly more profitable than it would have been without our help. Our goal is to experience the satisfaction of seeing your business and the people within it succeed while having interesting, meaningful and well-rewarded work for ourselves. Your success is ours as well.

We have access to a hugely valuable pool of experience and partners affording us practical, first-hand knowledge about what works in this space and what doesn’t. Through all of that experience and those relationships, we developed an approach that allows us to fundamentally transform a business through the adoption of digital technologies. But for greater clarity, we are not a technology company, developers, software/hardware vendors or system analysts. We are your business champions ensuring that your digital evolution is holistically thought out, planned properly and implemented with your short- and long-term goals and financial resources always at the forefront. 


Working through the lens of digital transformation, the overarching goal is to help companies understand the evolution of the global economy and to guide a decision-making matrix to help mitigate errors, streamline operations, reduce overhead, maximize sales and revenue, manage finances and improve critical management and policy issues.

  • Business performance assessments – by means of a tried-and-tested method that uses feedback from leaders, employees and clients amongst others, to identify barriers to productivity and profitability and provides recommendations on how to overcome them.

  • Planning and implementation - including expert facilitation, group and organization strategy, and such highly specialized processes as balanced scorecard and marketing strategy.

  • Improving leadership effectiveness - including the Leading for Improved Results and Leading Change training programs.

  • Client retention and business development - including client service training and client development strategy to accelerate business growth through existing clients and by acquiring new ones.

  • In depth understanding of design and implementation of business applications, cloud and network infrastructure. This includes defining and creating a sustainable digital workspace and the importance of digital literacy and assessing “Digital IQ"

  • People and team analytics for a quantified workplace, measuring strategic success, evolving personalization strategies, optimizing real-time collaboration and knowledge.

  • Transforming culture by developing meaningful employee experience programs, defining and mapping the employee journey and applying design thinking to the employee experience.

  • Strong strategic planning and implementation experience focusing on measurement/optimization and assessing workplace intelligence and opportunities

Thank you for visiting us.


Evolve Strategies has developed a formula for a new approach that produces the exponential change necessary for real transformation in your business. Our approach assembles the right, seasoned expertise to provide business leaders with a fantastic opportunity to design, plan and implement meaningful change, define their future states, establish guiding principles and truly see the benefit of a transformational journey. Let us help advance your company’s evolution with our consulting services. Please contact us so we will explore how we can help accelerate your journey – today.


Cristie Hasselbach

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